Mission Statement
​I have loved JSA since my first ever Fall State conference.  However, I knew that the Northern California State of JSA was not at its full potential.  I knew that there was something missing.  Our state has been losing progress as the years go on.  Numbers have been falling, and we are oftentimes known as a state that is “not very impressive” to other states.  I want to put an end to this declination, and bring us back to the prosperous state that we used to be.  The state that all the other states look up to.  After all, the Junior State of America was founded right here in Northern California.  So therefore, we have it in us to be great.  We just need the right mindset.  My campaign is going to push for us to be a forward thinking state, and lead us to being far more innovative and unique.  I think we are missing a key element in reaching our goals.  This element is called “Drive”.  I truthfully do not think our state has the drive that it used to anymore.  I want to push everyone harder, makes the goals higher, and lead everyone to a new era.  A new era of the NorCal state of JSA.  I want to reinvent the wheel by giving members of cabinets tasks to do that have never been done before.  I want fresh ideas to be brought to the table and for there to be more insight from regular members.  I want to be a governor who leaves office feeling like they have done something new for the state.  My platform is built around being a state that is going to test the waters next year.  A state that is going to be open to new ideas and ways of thought and new places to explore.  A state that is going to be ran in a way in which we are constantly moving forward after failed attempts and not pondering over them with nowhere to go.  I have a list of ideas that I want to try and will ask all of cabinet and the state to try.  I want to try these ideas and if some fail, then that’s ok.  Failure is something that is needed to succeed.  Throughout this year, we have failed, and I think that part of that is because we have not attempted and explored new boundaries.  Boundaries are only made to be crossed at one point.  So, let’s cross them NorCal.  I am on this mission to be your next governor for a reason.  I want our state to become forward minded and not willing to mope about the failures of yesterday.  The future is in our hands.  We are the future of NorCal, the future of this country, and the future of this world.  I trust that every delegate reading through my platfrom and mission will start to see the vision that i see.  I am always open to questions and comments so please let me know whenever you have any.  My contact information will be under the "contact" link.​​​​